Side Dishes

Like everything else here, all of our side dishes are homemade by us.

Each dinner entree includes choice of one side dish.  Green salad and chili are a dollar extra.

Extra side dishes at dinner are $1.95 each, except for the green salad and meaty chili, which are a dollar more.

Side dishes by themselves are all $1.95 each, except for green salad and meaty chili, which are $2.95 each.

~ Hot Side Dishes ~

~ Hand-cut French Fries ~

~ Smoked BBQ Beans ~

~ Baked Macaroni and Tillamook Cheddar Cheese ~

~ Red Beans and Rice ~

~ Coconut Rice ~

~ Meaty Chili ($1.00 extra) ~

~ Cold Side Dishes ~

~ Balsamic Pasta Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Italian Herbs, Garlic, and Olive Oil ~

~ Creamy Garlic Cole Slaw ~

~ Old-Fashioned Macaroni Salad with Deviled Eggs

~ Country Potato Salad with Deviled Eggs ~

~ Asian Sesame Noodles ~

~ Big plate of mixed salad greens with choice of dressing ~ ($1.00 extra)

~ Copper Penny Carrot Salad ~ Sliced fresh carrots in a Catalina French-style dressing with onions and bell peppers ~


~ It’s just the two of us, and we prepare our food from scratch in small batches to make sure it’s fresh when served.  Because of this, we periodically run out of items. ~