Candies will be fully stocked by early June.

We make thirty-two varieties of fudge!  Plus dipped chocolates, clusters, chocolate dipped cookies, nut brittles, nougats, dipped peanut brittle, and candied popcorn.

Our candies are conveniently packaged for you, in clear plastic deli containers.  Most containers average 4-8 ounces.  Browse our selections in our restaurant dining room.

Most of our chocolates and candies are just $7.95 per pound.  Those with pecans are $9.95 per pound, as well as the chocolate dipped peanut brittle and Irish Cream fudge.

With advance notice, we are happy to do special orders for you, and make custom gift baskets.

Peanut Brittle – $7.95 per pound

Maple Walnut Brittle – $9.95 per pound

Our $7.95 per pound fudge varieties – 

Chocolate  ~ Chocolate Walnut   ~    Chocolate with Peanuts

Reeses (layer of peanut butter fudge topped with layer of chocolate fudge with peanuts)

Chocolate Krispie Crunch  ~    Chocolate with Tully’s Whole Coffee Beans

Chocolate Caramel   ~    Chocolate Cheesecake    ~      Rocky Road

Neopolitan  (layers of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry fudge)

Cookies and Cream  ~  Caramel   ~ Caramel with  Tully’s Whole Coffee Beans

Caramel with Walnuts   ~    Root Beer Float   ~    Dreamsicle

Strawberry Cheesecake  ~  Blackberry Cheesecake  ~  Root Beer

French Vanilla   ~   Blackberry  ~    Strawberry    ~           Maple Walnut

Banana Walnut   ~    French Vanilla with Walnuts    ~     Butter Pecan

Creamy  Latte (Creamy Latte Fudge with Tully’s Coffee Beans)

Peanut Butter ~ Peanut Butter with Peanuts     ~         Peanut Butter Crunch

Our $9.95 per pound fudge varieties –

Turtle (layer of caramel fudge topped with layer of chocolate fudge with pecans)

Irish Cream fudge

Our $7.95 per pound Chocolate Clusters –

Clusters are with your choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate.

Walnut Clusters   ~  Peanut Clusters  ~ Krispie Clusters ~ Raisin Clusters

“Chunky” Clusters (peanuts and raisins)

Tully’s Coffee Bean Clusters

$9.95 per pound Chocolate Confections –

Pecan Turtles  (dark or milk chocolate, caramel, and pecans)

Cashew Turtles (dark or milk chocolate, caramel and cashews)

Heavenly Clouds (white chocolate, caramel, and cashews)

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Brittle (dark chocolate or milk chocolate)

$7.95 per pound Chocolate Confections –

Our homemade “Butterfingers” and “Snickers”

Creamy Coconut Balls dipped in Dark Chocolate

Malted Milk Balls Dipped in Milk Chocolate

Creme Balls (Assorted Flavors) Dipped in Chocolate

Caramels Dipped in Chocolate

Orange and Cherry Jelly Slices Dipped in Chocolate

Gummy Bunnies Dipped in Chocolate

$7.95 per pound Dipped Cookies

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies dipped in Milk Chocolate

Cherry Crisp Cookies dipped in Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookies dipped in Medium Chocolate

Oreos dipped in White Chocolate

$5.95 per pound Candy Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

Flavored Popcorns – assorted

Chocolate Popcorn

Plus some “store bought” treats for the kids –

Candy Necklaces – 50 cents each

Gummy Bunnies – $4.95 per pound

Mini Pixie Sticks – three for 25 cents

We make everything in small batches, so we periodically run out of items.  Call ahead to see if we have a particular item in stock.

Special requests – please allow one week.

360-273-MDLR (6357)