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Appetizers and Side Dishes

 Steve and Missy Genson have been making everything from scratch in small batches since 2001.  We do all of our own shopping.  Steve hand cuts and smokes the meats.  Missy does all the baking and other cooking.  We both make the sauces and rubs.  Relax and enjoy!

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Cocktails, Wines, and Beer

~ From Our Bar ~

Our bar stock is small and simple, but we have each kind of standard liquor.   We have bar brands and call brands, which vary with availability.  Simple bar brand mixed drinks are $4.50, and most call brand (simple) mixed drinks are $6.00.  Things like Glenlivet and Drambuie are more.  Our fancy drinks are also more–but worth it.

As far as our call brands – We’ll always have Bacardi white rum, Jack Daniels, some kind of small batch Bourbon, some kind of mild Canadian whiskey, Tanqueray gin, Glenlivet, and a nice white tequila and vodka.

We also have standard liqueurs–Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Amaretto, Fireball, Curacao,  Triple Sec, Grand Marnier, Creme de Cocoa, Creme de Menthe, Apple Pucker, and Drambuie.  (We buy the Dramuie for our friend Ted, who is usually the only one who orders it.  He gets it on the rocks, with a sidecar of fresh ice.  But if you’re a Rusty Nail fan, have at it.  We’ll rustle up some scotch.)

We have most of the standard mixers and fruit juices–most of the time.

So make up your own drink.  We’ll tell you if we have the ingredients.  If not, we’ll help you make up something new. Continue reading Cocktails, Wines, and Beer