Our small, relaxed cedar restaurant in the big fir trees

On Saturday June 17, Steve was mauled by three pit bulls, and they killed our little dog. Steve was talking him for his bedtime walk on the leash, on our road.

Steve was bitten all over his body and has deep puncture wounds, and the end of a finger on his right hand was bitten off.  He has torn skin and stitches. He will see an orthopedic surgeon about his hand. He has a long, difficult, painful road ahead of him.

Our restaurant and farmers market will be closed until further notice.


Welcome to Steve and Missy Gensons’ Mason Dixon Line Restaurant!  Everything has been made from scratch by our family since our first day, June 12, 2001.

For those who remember the old days–our girls are all grown and gone.  They’ve all graduated from college and are busy with their own careers now.   So at the restaurant, it’s just Steve and Missy these days.  (Everybody’s hand print from 2001 is still in concrete, on the back patio.)

As always, we have no hired help in the dining room or kitchen.  We never will.

We’re open six days a week, from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm. We’re closed Tuesdays.

Our phone is 360-273-MDLR (6357).  Our email is masondixonlinebbq@gmail.com

Urgent calls – 360-556-7174 or 360-556-7759.

We take all major credit cards.

We’re at 9900 Highway 12 SW in Rochester–four and a half miles west of I-5 Exit 88.  Click here for a map and directions.

If we’re not in the dining room when you get here, it means we’re busy in the kitchen.   Just make yourself at home–take a menu and seat yourself.   You can duck your head in the kitchen and let us know you’re here, if you want.

Because we’re small and we make everything from scratch in small batches, we periodically run out of things.  If it’s important that you have a specific menu item or need something special, please call or email ahead and give us a week’s notice, and make sure you connect with us.

Please call ahead for groups of four or more.  We only have ten seats, and only two of our tables can seat four people.  One table can fit six people, and that includes high chairs.

We are unable to seat groups larger than six.

If we are busy, please let us know if you have any time constraints (concert tickets, babysitter, airport, etc.)   We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule, and we will also tell you if we can’t serve you in time.  We will also recommend dishes that take less time, if it’s on the cusp.

Come see us!